When is the worst time to sell your home?

It’s obvious that you cannot always choose the right time to sell your home let that be a house or an apartment. But there are definitely a couple of factors in terms of timing which can negatively impact the selling process in all sorts of ways. In this article we would like to represent you with some shiny examples of the worst times to ever sell or wanting to sell your home. Let’s get started

When constructions are going on around your home

We all know how negatively constructions can affect your life: waking up and going to sleep in the midst of all the noises of digging and drilling not to mention the sound of all the trucks that go in and out all day long. Constructions are disastrous to all your selling intentions and even if you can sell your home during that time, you will need to sell it way under its original price.

bad neighbours issue

When you are forced to sell as soon as possible

You should never ever let things go so much out of control that you are literally forced to sell your home due to debt, reposession and failure of repayment. This always means selling way underpriced with bad conditions especially, when you don’t ask for professional help of a trusted and experienced real estate agency. The worst case scenario: when its the bank who put your home under the hammer to auction it.

Off-season selling

The worst possible time to sell a home would be either in the middle of winter and in the middle of the summer. But nothing beats january and february when everyone is generally the poorest, resulting from all the celebrations in December. This is traditionally the time when only the most desperate would decide to sell their homes and its surely would be sold underpriced. The best selling seasons include springtime between March and end of May or September to the end of November. The peak season when prices are the highest is the springtime.

In the middle of a reconstruction

There are many, who believe they will be able to go through with a full reconstruction and then end up failing in the process. There are many homes which are being sold with a reconstruction being underway and interrupted. These are generally some of the cheapest properties as most people would not want to put in so much money to finish a reconstruction which they didnt even start on the first place. The only exception is reconstruction processed which ought to be done, such as the replacing of plumbing, roofing, structure or electricity.

When you are not in the situation to safely move elsewhere

Never sell your home without having a new home to move to right away. This is a simple safety issue and you should never ever risk being left without an actual place to live.

When you are unprepared

Do not sell your home until you feel you are mentally and physically prepared to face all the stuff that come with it, including finding a new place to live, packing, decluttering, clearning your old home and preparing it for selling.